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Bringing to You Market Wining UPI Service Platforms

Enable your customers to take advantage of real time collections and payments.
Empower your users with the power of UPI, irrespective of the customer segment they belong to.

Standing Out with The Most-Powerful White-Label
UPI Platforms in the Industry

Looking forward to launching your own UPI platform? Here are the reasons you should count us.

Uncompromised Security

We assure you high uptime with lowest disruption. With our platform, you can promise your customers secure transactions every single time.

Faster Go-To-Market

We ensure both technical and legal preparedness to market within the least possible time.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best UPI platforms at the lowest possible cost.

Industry Compliance

We abide by the highest standards of security of the transactional banking industry.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Our white-labeled transactional banking platforms let you launch your own branded, customized UPI platforms that help improve brand visibility.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Our UPI platforms are highly secure and reliable and thus help build and improve customer trust and loyalty.

Lower Turnaround Time

We won’t compel you to postpone your launch date. Plan your launch date; rest assured you will get your product delivered before that.

Quick and Reliable Helpdesk

Our dedicated support team is always listening to your queries actively and is on the mark to resolve your issues within the quickest time possible.

Functionalities So Smart That Make Your
Transactions So Simple!

Instant Transfer

You can create UPI IDs and empower your customers to transfer funds in real time. The users can scan to pay to a UPI ID or transfer directly to a phone number. They can also transfer funds to a bank account or self.

Easy Collections

With the help of UPI ID, phone number, or QR code, your customers can make collection transactions.

Intent Flows

WTransactions can be made by your customers with the help of Android intent and QR. If it is not a trusted source, these transactions will notify a warning message to the customer before the transaction is authorized with an UPI Pin.