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Cash Management System

EMI Cash Collection Service for top 15 finance companies IndianPay retailer outlets are also the touch points for collection of EMIs for many NBFCs across India. The process is initiated with customer providing valid details of his/her Loan/EMI Id like Loan No., Allotment Id, etc. on the basis of which transaction is done. Once the transaction is complete the customer receives confirmation on his/her mobile number. With over 200,000 active retail touch points across India, IndianPay has reduced the gap between customers and NBFCs for the collection of EMIs.

Why Us ?

With Indian Pay, a number of solutions have come together to create a platform that offers advantages for startups and the entrepreneurs behind them as well as MSMEs, NBFCs, and others. Some of the most common benefits include.

Open API Platform

A unified open API platform that brings all the solution seamlessly together for all your neo banking solution.

Faster Integration

Integrate and go live with our easy APIs to maximize your profitability and get the most out of it.

Paperless Onboarding

We believe in zero manual intervention, complete the online onboarding with documentation, and get started.

Choose Your Bank

Create a primary and back-up bank as a pipe and get the transaction flow basis your preference.

Customer Support

Always available email, phone and chat based support to help you in your every step.

Common Wallet

One single wallet for all your transactions related to payment domain and do easy checks and balances.

Build & Launch with
us in days

We've built easy-to-use APIs so that you can build and launch in no time. Our APIs let you leverage the full power of our platform

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